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J-2 Series Water Bottle with Check Valve Cap$23.57 $23.57Remove

J-4000 Heavy Duty Garment Steamer$695.00 $695.00Remove

J-4000 W bend heating element.$59.54 $59.54Remove

Hook Section of Rod Set$18.61 $18.61Remove

Plastic Steam Head / Handle Replacement Kit$54.58 $54.58Remove

J-4000I Heavy Duty Interchangeable Steam Heads$885.00 $885.00Remove

J-2 Series Water Bottle with Cap A$16.13 $32.26Remove

Green Lighted Switch for J-2 / J-2000$22.33 $22.33Remove

1.67m Plastic Head / Handle Hose Complete$99.00 $198.00Remove

J-4000 Steam Thermostat$19.84 $39.68Remove

J-2 Garment Steamer$495.00 $495.00Remove

J-4000 Fusible Link$7.45 $7.45Remove

J-2000m Metal Head$560.00 $560.00Remove

Model J-2000 Garment Steamer$495.00 $495.00Remove

J-4000 Strix Element + Control Kit$103.22 $206.44Remove

Replacement brush only for bent pipe attachment$15.40 $15.40Remove

Jiffy Steamer Travel Case$195.00 $195.00Remove

Replacement rubber baffle for Check Valve Cap (set of 3)$1.65 $1.65Remove

1.67m I Kit Hose$154.00 $154.00Remove

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