Welcome to Jiffy Steamers Australia

The Jiffy Steamer Company is the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of garment steamers and steamer equipment. Our products are sold in 45 countries and EVERY 3 MINUTES, A NEW JIFFY STEAMER IS PUT INTO USE! We invented the product and process and for 80 years we’ve put a lot of work into our steamers, to make sure you get a lot out of them.

All of our products are commercial grade and manufactured with only the finest quality components. Our customers enjoy ease and simplicity of use. A Jiffy Steamer is up to five times faster than traditional ironing and safe for all fabrics, wiping away wrinkles quickly and easily with a strong, continuous flow of steam.

So whether you’re a retailer operating a large shop, a world class globetrotter looking for a portable travel steamer, or a homeowner looking for a quicker and easier way to remove wrinkles from garments, you’ll quickly come to depend on the Jiffy Steamer.

Jiffy Steamer – the original steamer. Made in the USA since 1940. Used globally ever since.

Among the many users of Jiffy Steamers are:

  • Clothing retailers and dry cleaners steam garments for quick wrinkle removal.
  • Caterers smooth tablecloths in homes, restaurants, or convention halls.
  • Drapery stores and interior decorators steam draperies, curtains, and sheers on site.
  • Furniture upholsterers steam to stretch, smooth and finish furniture, upholstery, and dust ruffles.
  • Auto outfitters fit and finish auto interiors, including headlining and convertible tops.
  • Carpet retailers and installers steam while installing carpet and to remove furniture marks.
  • Milliners and hatters shape and block felt and straw hats and accessories.
  • Beauty salons style wigs and hairpieces.
  • Wallpaper installers steam to easily remove small patches of wallpaper.
  • Craft shops shape and remove wrinkles from ribbons, bows, and needlework items.